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Simulating real day trading with AI
Simulating real day trading with AI

Simulating real day trading with AI

Over the past few years, Day Trading has become more popular owing to commission-free Trading. Several trading platforms and share trading software have taken away their commission fee in light of the current popularity of Day Trading to attract traders more frequently to their platform. The first commission-free platform for stock trading was set up back in 2013 and was called Robinhood, followed by multiple other commission-free Day Trading platforms like Zerodha, eToro, Fidelity, and many more. 

With the more extensive use of AI technology, more investors are beginning to use Algo Trade platforms to implement best algorithmic trading strategies, making the best of their capital and earn maximum profits, backed by efficient risk management. 

How can you earn profits in Day Trading?

Ideally, almost every day, some stocks in the market go up 5% to 10%, sometimes even more. If you can day trade these stocks at the right time, you will earn huge profits a lot faster. 

The fact that you can earn profits and make money from AI-based Algo Trading is indisputable. AI brings benefits that help traders multiply wealth and manage risk efficiently. An AI-Based Algo Trading platform ensures more in-depth analysis and more accurate recommendations for Day Traders. 

What are the potential problems in Day Trading?

Previous surveys and research have shown that Day Traders lose money more often than long-term traders. Yet, they still have a pretty high reward potential if they select their stocks wisely and make data-driven decisions.

How is AI improving Day Trading?

The advent of AI Trading strategies and algo trade software helped to mitigate these potential risks involved in Day Trading to a large extent. AI has enabled traders to target profitable stocks consistently, increasing their probability of earning profits daily. 

Getting into more details, technologies like AI and ML improve Day Trading in 3 main ways:

  1. Accurate Data Identification

AI comes with the capability of analyzing vast volumes of data that include historical data to help identify the previous trading transactions that haven’t generated any profits for any specific trader. Hence, the traders will be able to locate the past failures and avoid those trades when trading in the future. Also, to analyze such vast volumes of data, it would ideally take back-office personnel a lot of additional hours manually, while AI can complete the whole data analysis process in a fraction of the manual time. Traders can get more done in lesser time. AI breaks down and organizes complex data far more quickly and accurately, reducing the potential risks in Day Trading.

  1. Efficient Trade Analysis

Once your AI-based platform identifies all of your trades that have failed earlier, AI can also analyze and determine the causes behind those specific trades’ failures individually. Trader errors could lead to inaccurate financial details; closed settlement accounts may be one of the causes behind the loss; it could have been a temporary spike in market volatility that caused a specific trade to fail. Here is where AI steps in and helps traders save a lot of costs by identifying an incorrect trade and determining the reason behind the failure of the trade a lot sooner than when done manually. 

  1. Failure Prediction

After the AI-based platform has identified the gaps that caused the past failed trades, AI uses its pattern recognition capability to predict which transactions are likely to fail. Machine Learning (ML) acts as a booster that trains AI to improve its predictive analysis capability to effectuate a more robust settlement process. ML and AI together can help reduce the ratio of failed trades and reduce operational costs over time. 

How does AI boost Security in Day Trading?

AI provides an additional layer of security when catching previously failed trades. AI also enhances safety and efficiency in the back-office operations involved in Day Trading. AI eliminates all possibility of manual errors in the trading processes. 

The Role of AI in other areas of Day Trading.

AI is used to analyze data and build trading strategies in multiple other areas that include leveraging liquidity for searching algos and making portfolio suggestions to the traders. AI has reduced the number of humans involved in the trading process, affecting overall market and price actions. AI is leading traders to a future where the market comes in lower volatility for more extended periods followed by occasional spikes due to unprecedented changes, making the trading market more efficient. 

AI Trading Signals are on the Rise.

The AI trading signals are produced when extensive data analyses of AI-based systems on specific assets provide accurate recommendations and suggestions to help traders make successful and profitable trading decisions. AI allows traders and investors to spot the best entry price, stop losses, and determine profit margins. Hence, the AI Trading Signals make room for more efficient risk management by stopping traders from moving down the profit margin while just trying to recover the price. 

Algo Trading platforms are now completely automated.

Automation is used by algo trading platforms to save time and provide accuracy; some platforms, such as AlgoBulls, use 100 percent automation, or complete automation! Many Indian brokers, including ShareKhan, Zerodha, AliceBlue, 5Paisa, Kotak Securities, and others, are now supporting Algo Trading platforms too.  This simplifies the process of linking a trader’s existing demat and trading account to the Algo Trading platform.

AI Systems or AI-based Algo Trade Platforms produce these signals based on advanced indicators analysis. The indicators considered could include currency valuation, specific asset data analysis, price action, technical analysis of stock price changes, and more. 

What are the Benefits of Relying on Trading Signals?

  • Time-Saving

Analyzing trends and the dynamics of asset prices manually can take a lot of your time. But AI can generate a stock trading signal for any specific asset by helping you save all that analysis time and use that time to focus on other more critical activities. 

  • No Expertise Required

Even if you’re a newbie in Day Trading, you will not need to spend months studying the science behind and best practices of Day Trading to earn profits. AI will bring that expertise to your table. 

  • Accurate Analysis

AI facilitates more accurate data analysis as compared to manual processes. AI derives data from multiple sources and interprets the same to make trading more systematic and accurate when it comes to performance and profit margins. 

Conclusion. In light of such technological transformation in Day Trading, the question we face is – Is AI-Based Day Trading The Future? Well, yes, it seems to be so. Artificial Intelligence has completely changed and transformed Day Trading processes, worldwide; especially in India trading platform has become popular. More financial investors are stepping forward to invest in AI technology to earn the maximum profits possible from their capital. Before AI Technology made its way into the trading industry, decisions related to buying and selling stocks had to be taken based on very few facts, data, and background information available at hand. The AI systems do not make decisions for you. Still, they help you identify the most promising trading opportunities, reduce risks, and increase your likeliness to earn more profits from your chosen transactions.

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