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Savers to Investors – How women in India have begun Algo Trading
Savers to Investors – How women in India have begun Algo Trading

Savers to Investors – How women in India have begun Algo Trading

The stock markets’ highs and lows and the complex structure of the market’s technicalities, volatility and risks has been assumed to be a man’s cup of tea. But there has been a gradual change and a big one too – Women of India are now brewing and pouring this cup of tea all by themselves! 

The women’s tribe in India has been motivated to trade by the ability to work from home, easy access to the internet, trading tools, affordable initial investments, technology breakthroughs such as Algo Trading, and women inspiring other women to join trading.

According to the data from brokerage firms such as Axis Securities, Zerodha, UPStox, ICICI Direct, and 5 Paisa, the percentage of women investing in stocks has increased from 16 percent to 24 percent in the last two years.

Traditionally, women would invest in Fixed Deposits, Bank Deposits, and Gold, but since the COVID 19 pandemic, a large number of female investors have entered the stock market.

People have had more free time and work from home choices since the lockdown, which has encouraged them to try their hand at trading, particularly day trading, which has resulted in a steady increase in female investors too. Not just manual trading women are also considering trading with Algorithmic software that makes trading faster and easier too. Many algorithmic platforms such as Upstox and AlgoBulls are now letting the users trade more strategically using algorithms. 

How can women benefit from AlgoTrading?

Algorithmic trading was first introduced by SEBI in 2008 and was exclusively open to institutional investors. However, because of its better execution, speed, and accuracy, it was made available to traders all over India. Algorithmic Trading enables the development of algorithms that are then transformed into trading strategies. Platforms like AlgoBulls provide 100 percent automation, making execution faster, more precise, and free of human errors and bias.

Trading becomes more systematic as algorithms are developed beforehand  and implemented automatically, eliminating human emotions and inaccuracy. Traders can choose from several strategies available. Platforms such as AlgoBulls enable traders to construct their own strategies using logic and mathematical formulas; traders with no coding experience can design their own strategies too. This is where female traders  interested in developing their own strategies can create algorithms with the assistance of in-house developers.

Women interested in knowing all about a particular strategy before running it in the real trading world can Back test it. This method can help them in running a strategy while seeing prospective results from the past. Through simulation, the paper trading approach can also assist them in testing the strategy in real time. AlgoBulls offers both Backtesting and Paper Trading methods. 

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, automation has made trading easier than before. And with platforms like AlgoBulls that support 100% automation you can now go out shopping, take care of the kids or maybe chat with a friend while Algo strategies do all the trading for you. Strategies are developed with market volatility and uncertain situations in mind, reinventing conventional trading methods. 

From savers to investors, women in India are breaking stereotypes. Less than 10% of day traders in India are women, more than one-third are homemakers, and almost 15% are above the age of 60 – This is how influential and powerful women in India are today. 

If you want to be a part of this amazing women’s tribe, this Women’s Day, look into the possibilities of trading in a new way – with Algo Trading!

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