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What is Gift Nifty? India’s Gateway to Global Financial Integration

GIFT Nifty, the reincarnation of SGX Nifty, epitomizes the convergence of Indian and Singaporean financial landscapes. Transitioning to the NSE International Exchange in GIFT City, Gujarat, it serves as a bridge between two vibrant markets. Launched on July 3, 2023, GIFT Nifty embodies regulatory collaboration between the IFSCA and MAS, pioneering cross-border financial initiatives.

Understanding Instant Settlement in Finance: What is T+0 Settlement?

Imagine buying or selling stocks and having the deal settled instantly, without the usual waiting period. This isn’t just a dream anymore – it’s the reality with T+0 settlement. Let’s dive into what T+0 settlement means for Indian traders and investors, and how it’s poised to revolutionize the way we trade.