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How to get started with Algo Trading – What you need to know?
How to get started with Algo Trading – What you need to know?

How to get started with Algo Trading – What you need to know?

The world of finance has seen intriguing transformations as a result of the rapidly evolving technological environment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that is revolutionizing every aspect of existence. It is a powerful tool that allows people to reconsider how we assess information, evaluate data, and apply these insights to make better decisions. Imagine AI combined with trading; what can this strong combo accomplish for the trading world?

In the trading environment, speed, accuracy, and effective strategies are providing a competitive advantage and all of these are available through Algo Trading. So what is Algo Trading?

Algo trading is a trading method that involves identifying and executing trades in the market using computer coded programmes. It executes automatically based on the formula or parameter that was coded in it. Price, volume, timing, or other mathematical and quantitative calculations can be used to generate these algorithms. When the algorithm’s prerequisites are met, the algorithm executes the trade automatically. 

3 Things you need to know before you begin AlgoTrading: 

Systematic Trading Approach: 

Not based on intuition or instincts, Algo Trading is a more systematic approach towards trading. Strategists use mathematical formulas/complex data and combine them with Artificial Intelligence to create algorithms. This ensures that the order placement of trades is quick and accurate with a high possibility of trade execution at the desired levels. 

No Human Bias Involved: 

In manual trading, traders have a high chance of making emotional decisions resulting in losses. With AI driven strategies there is no human error which is involved. This also reduces the risk of human errors while placing trades. Constantly monitoring the fluctuations and placing trades in seconds is impossible for human traders but possible for Algo Strategies. 

Patience is the key: 

Mastering AlgoTrading takes practice and as the old saying goes – Practice makes you perfect! Using your skills and a structured approach can go a long way. With technology, Artificial intelligence & Machine learning Algo Trading is only getting better. In this fast moving and highly competitive trading environment, you need to be patient and aim for more consistent results. 

How to begin AlgoTrading? 

It’s a misconception that you need to be a coder to begin Algo Trading. Many platforms now provide you with ready to use Algo Strategies. One such platform is AlgoBulls. At AlgoBulls you can choose from the 100+ Algo Strategies or create your own strategy with the AlgoBulls Developers. To begin Algo Trading you will need to Sign up with the AlgoBulls platform, this is absolutely free of cost. You need to have a demat account. Once you sign up you can link your demat account with the AlgoBulls safe & secure platform. Choose from the packages available and begin trading. 

AlgoBulls is a 100% automated trading website – It does all the trading for you once you execute a strategy of your choice. So don’t wait any longer, Join AlgoBulls today and enjoy algo trading! 


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